1. Loving having longer hair, wish I’d dedicated myself to it years ago. Fresh out the shower. #selfie

  2. Go check out @salvusclothing and grab one of these limited ‘None-Believer’ tees! They’re doing good things so show some support #salvusclothing #merch #tee #nonebeliever #atheist #atheism #salvus


  3. This is my final post, bye Tumblr!

  5. Beard is coming along nicely. #me

  6. Good post day, would like to note I already own it, and have finished it numerous times, but have always wanted this elusive black phantom edition. Good.

  7. phoxs:

    oh my god this is me haha what the devil
    from my bunny girl pictures with petandponygirls.com :-)

    go sign up!

    My bunny girl

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  8. Feeling healthy today, so have a photograph.

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  12. My back feels better, going to try some really really light workouts. #doththoughhoist

  13. Nearly finished my ‘stage’ mask. Good.

  14. Had about a month off from working out due to fucking my back up, I’ve essentially lost all my arm size, my core looks like shit and my shoulders have gone. Glad. Hope I heal up soon so I can stop looking like an elephant seal. #me #worst